About Us

About Us

Our process saves our clients money by making production time substantially faster. We are industry leaders and have a long history of success. We have over 10 years of successful business experience and satisfied clients.

Nebula3d Services uses the best equipments. We use unique, ultra-precise systems which perfectly captures 3D shapes – even in objects with complex geometries and free-form surfaces. We use the best, so you get the best. The lab employs CMMs, vision systems, 3D scanners, and other inspection equipment. However unique the project, we can make it happen. Nebula3d’s Surveyor line of automated and portable scanning systems are ideal for 3D scanning applications involving inspection and reverse engineering of complex shaped parts of virtually any size, shape, color, or material.

Nebula3D offers professional 3D Digital Measurement services for the industries various needs like Reverse Engineering, Re-engineering, Prototyping, Dimensional Validation, First part Inspection, and 3D Documentation. We create as is or as-built 3D models and 2D drawings of a very small engineering part to a huge factory, plant and building. Based in Bengaluru, India, we offer services worldwide with our highly skilled engineers.

Our data capture and the production team steered by our CEO, the industry veteran has won prestigious clients for our company across the globe. Understanding customer requirements, precision data offering and On-TIME delivery has been the key for our success. We serve very diversified and large number of clients in the areas of Aerospace, Automotive, Architecture & Construction, Defense, Foundry, Heavy Engineering, Machine Shop, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Shipping and many more

About CEO

Mr. Gururaj R., the CEO of our company has been an influential person on our teams’ performance. He brings in years of experience in this domain and helps our team understand critical clients’ requirements whilst offering impeccable services to them. His expertise and business knowledge has immensely helped our team to grow in stature. Moreover, with our ethical business policies and client-centric approach, we have garnered a huge clientele across the country

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